Our Kennel

We have created the ideal home away from home for our pet with our superior facilities and dedicated staff.

About Our Kennel

A-1 Kennel Care is an excellent place to board your pet in Coshocton because of the superior facilities and dedicated staff. A-1 Kennel Care has established the healthiest environment with air conditioning in the summer and heated floors to make the floors “warm to the touch.” This is to assure your pet a safe and comfortable “HOME AWAY FROM HOME.” Personal attention is just part of the care given to your pet. The TLC (Tender Loving Care) program allows for a special time for your pet to be exercised, play, be brushed, or just be loved. If you desire, your pet can have their own bed, a favorite toy, and a blanket with them.

Our Hours

Staff is available to board your pet from 7 – 9 AM and 4 – 6 PM on Monday through Saturday. Sunday check out, or check-in is from 4 – 5 PM.

Our Rates

A-1 Kennel Care rates are comparable to other excellent boarding facilities. Rates are based on the number of days stayed. Boarding fees must be paid before your pet leaves the kennel. We gladly accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, etc.

Our Suites

Our facility offers suites in a climate-controlled environment. The suites are painted a bright yellow color. Most pets like to see who else is staying in adjacent suites. They are kept separate to ensure their safety and privacy. Families with two dogs may prefer them to share a larger suite.

-You can choose a 4′ by 4′ suite or one connected to a 4′ by 10′ indoor run.

-Each dog is hand walked outside in a fenced-in enclosure to exercise and enjoy the fresh air in the morning and evening.

-Indoor suites and runs have daily maid service.

-Air conditioning in the summer and warm floors in the winter are loved by the pets.

-With the climate-controlled environment, some may not want to go outside in the rain, snow, or cold. They can enjoy the warm, clean, and dry suites or runs.

Cat Boarding

A separate cattery area provides the privacy that cats want and deserve. Each cat has its own condo area, and only cats reside in this room. Families with two or more cats may prefer to share a larger condo. Your cats can have their own bed, cushion, or toy if desired. Daily cleaning of all litter boxes is provided.

Medical Requirements

For your pet’s protection, proof of current vaccinations is required. New customers should bring vaccination information from their veterinarian’s office.

-Dogs must be current on DHLPP, Bordetella/Kennel Cough, and Rabies.

-Cats must be current on Feline FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, and Rabies.

Veterinary Services

Veterinary procedures should be completed prior to boarding. Veterinarians from A-1 Vet Care can handle all your needs. If your pet develops diarrhea or an illness while boarding with us, we will contact you and start the necessary medication to allow them to recover. Please leave a forwarding phone number to allow us to contact you.

Virtual Tour

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